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Administration - EDCR

The Electronic Daily Class Roster also known as "EDCR" allows for period-by-period classroom attendance. EDCR provides the instructors the ability to record absences, tardies, and mark students present. EDCR runs on a standard web browser interface, allowing the instructor to see a visual seating chart of the students in the class.

The instructor verifies the information that is presented to them, and makes changes only if it is different. So if the screen indicates a student is absent and the student is now in the class, mark the student present. If the student is shown as present and is in the class there is no need to do anything. Once the instructor submits the data it’s instantly updated in the central database and can be reported upon immediately.

If a class has a substitute EDCR has the ability to create a "shadow" account that is the personal account setup for the substitute but now is "shadowing" the day of the teacher they are substituting for. The visual seating chart helps substitutes unfamiliar with the students in the class by displaying the pictures.

EDCR Features

  • View student photos
  • Mark exact time student arrives in class and exits
  • Create hallway passes, which also tie to CAASS Mobile
  • Scan student ID cards to automate the process
  • Teachers can have the ability to create discipline records in the classroom
  • Teachers can access the student incentive module to assign merits or demerits
  • Teachers can arrange the student in a seating chart to reflect how the students are seated
  • EDCR requires a secure login to process attendance
  • Teachers can assign reasons to student statuses
  • Teacher access and functionality can be controlled at a district and/or school level