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Administration - PhotoStation

PhotoStation is the central enrolment application that can gather essential student information at one time and location. The application can process biometrics, take student photos, print student ID cards, and enroll students into CAASS. PhotoStation can be used through a browser and/or on a dedicated station as a kiosk.

PhotoStation can update individual elements or all elements of a student’s enrolment through a wizard that will guide the operator through the enrolment process.

The Card Designer section allows for the creation and modification of ID card templates that include graphics, logos, photos, and school information.

The Transfer Photo section is used to import student and staff photos. Modification tools can be applied to each photo to correct brightness, contrast and saturation settings. Photos are associated with students and staff and transferred into the CAASS database.

The Card Printing section is where the physical printing of student and staff ID cards takes place. Selection of an ID card template and a list of students or staff members can be added to a print queue. The print queue is then sent to an ID card printer.

The Image Maintenance section allows for the import and manipulation of graphics and logos used throughout the CAASS suite. The images are used on ID card templates and letters.

The Batch Card Printing section creates a list of ID cards to be printed by the Access411 Service Bureau. A list of ID cards is selected and all relevant data is collected and saved in an encrypted file. The file can be sent to Access411's service bureau for remote printing of the ID cards. The completed ID cards will be returned to the school upon completion.

PhotoStation can run on a desktop PC as a kiosk and can have an ID card printer attached to it. This makes the initial ID card printing process easier and quicker for the school staff.