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Administration - Triggers

In addition to the Merits and Demerits Module within CAASS release 8 a new feature called Triggers was added. Simply put, triggers allow for the automation of cause and effect. For example if a student is tardy to school 3 successive days, triggers can automate the creation of a penalty such as a suspension or a parent conference.

There are 6 configurable types of Triggers. These are referred to as Action Trigger Types:

  • Daily attendance
  • Classroom attendance
  • Merit/Demerit
  • Incidents
  • Infractions
  • Random Students

For each Action Trigger Type your “Cause for Action” choices change. The “Cause for Action” dropdown selections come directly from each school’s own CAASS data. So if you are configuring a Merit/Demerit Trigger type you will have access to all of the Merits and Demerits in the system to choose from. Each of the fields below are populated from each school's own data.

Add Merit/Demerit Trigger - Class Cut

The example above shows a trigger that when added would automatically assign a student with2 class cuts an in-house suspension.

Add Daily Attendance Trigger - Tardy

The example above shows a trigger that when configured would automatically create an alert to see the Assistant Principal for a student with 3 tardies. To make this successive tardies just check the "Action Must be Consecutive Box".