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Access Scanning

One of the newer ScanStation modes available in CAASS 9.4 provides the ability to track access into any course or combination of course to ensure only those permitted to enter are allowed.

The data is accessible and can be used to view/track trends, create groups, merge to letters or emails, run reports or even assign infractions. The mode still provides access control and still verifies the student’s attendance, but now keeps the history of scans regardless of the outcome. As the Student scans their ID card the system verifies the student’s schedule to either allow or deny entry. Just like any of the other modes, students can be manually entered if they do not have their ID card.

Some new features such as the grouping of classes to be able to scan for multiple classes through the same ScanStation is now available in the CAASS Administration program.

Where to use Access Scanning

  • Entry into the cafeteria
  • Entry into the gymnasium
  • Locker rooms
  • Freshman orientation
  • Access control into larger classes

Benefits of Access Scanning

  • Access control
  • Immediate and automated data collection
  • Resource savings
  • Crowd control
  • Minimize students skipping classes in locker rooms