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Audible and visual alerts can be configured to play as students scan their ID cards to alert the staff that attention may need to be paid to certain students.

  • Alerts are tied to penalties
  • CAASS comes with many “system” defined alerts
  • Alerts can be configured to play between date ranges, one time, or until removed
  • Alerts can be setup to play in all modes of ScanStation, on certain modes or individual modes
  • Custom sounds and text can be added for any new alerts
  • Alerts can be an effective way to manage students and alert the staff of outstanding or pending issues
  • Alerts contain different severity levels that are reflected by the background color behind the student photo, which is displayed on the ScanStation

Benefits of Alerts

  • Can be used to congratulate or give special recognition to students
  • Notify staff members of students that need immediate attention
  • Alert staff and security of students that are denied entry
  • Severity levels assigned to alerts allow the user to determine the order in which they are played

Examples of Alerts

  • Birthday alert: recognizes students on their birthday
  • Suspended students: alerts the staff that there is a student attempting unauthorized entry into school
  • In-House Suspension: alerts the staff that the student should be directed to serve their in-house suspension
  • Class Cuts: alerts upon a student scanning which has recorded a class cut from the previous school day
  • Perfect Attendance: recognizes students as they scan for accomplishing perfect attendance for a given time period
  • Immunizations: Assigned to students that aren’t currently up-to-date with the required immunizations
  • Custom alerts can be created by the school for any designation