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Entry Scanning

Entry Scanning mode is used to scan students or staff into the building. Entry Mode is the most widely used and well known ScanStation mode, as it is used for morning entry, but can be used whenever students or staff are entering the school building.

Entry mode is used for both students and staff as they can both enter through the same ScanStation. Unlike previous versions of ScanStation, ScanStation 9.4 doesn’t create student attendance records upon scanning a student’s ID card- rather creating an Entry Scan record and then utilizing the server to produce an attendance record. The server will look at the scan records and determine if the scan record is the first of the day for the student and if it is- it will create the daily attendance record.

By ScanStation not having to worry about creating attendance records, instead creating entry records for every scan, ScanStation now has the ability to allow students to scan into school multiple times per day, barring they are permitted to do so and have successfully exited out of the building through Exit Scan mode.

If a student scans into school at 8:00AM, then has a mid-day release that stipulates the student needs to leave school at 10:00AM for a doctors appointment, and will return back at school by 1:00PM- then ScanStation can monitor and track the times the student comes to and leaves from school.

For each entry scan record there must be an exit scan record , that changes the student’s status to “Out of School”, prior to scanning the student back into school. Otherwise when a student scans their ID card the ScanStation would specify that the student is currently still in school.

All of the ScanStation functionality at the doorway of the school is referred to as our proprietary concept of Management at the Doorway . Please click the link to learn more about Management at the Doorway.

For CAASS releases prior to 9.2 see Attendance Scanning mode