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Event Scanning

Event Scanning allows schools or districts to provide access-control into any scheduled event, whether in-school or out-of-school. ScanStations can check students in and out of events.

Events are created and scheduled in the CAASS Administration module. Events can be configured as one-time or reoccurring.

Reoccurring Event Properties

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Occurrences between date ranges

Once the event is created and scheduled you are ready to use the ScanStation to check students into and out of the event.

Scheduling an Event

  • Name the event
  • Select which students can attend the event (Use dynamic groups or select individuals)
  • Select which students are NOT permitted into the event (Use dynamic groups or select individuals)
  • Create or select an existing alert to play for students that are permitted and a separate alert for those students who are NOT permitted (Not required)

When students scan their ID card the ScanStation will alert you to whether they are permitted or not to enter the event. Reporting is available so you can monitor event attendance. There is no limit on how many events can be created. Events can be created for a single school, multi-school or the entire district.

Scan records are captured when students scan into and out of events. Scan records are even collected for those students that attempted to scan into the event and were not permitted. Those scan records are accessible through a feature called Scan History in the CAASS Administration module.

Scan History provides filters and sorting to allow the user to get the results from the exact Event that they are looking for. The user then has the ability to:

  • Create a Group
  • Assign an infraction and penalty to the whole group or individual student
  • Assign merits or demerits to the group or individual student
  • Assign fines to the group or individual student
  • Print out or save reports

Examples of Typical Events

  • After school sporting events
  • Dances
  • Clubs
  • Study Groups
  • National Honor Society