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Exit Scanning

Exit Scanning in cooperation with the other modes of ScanStation helps complete the tracking of students throughout the school day until they exit the building.

Predominantly Exit Scanning is used for verifying early releases or if a student's schedule permits them to leave, but this is just a rudimentary level of using Exit Scanning. Exit Scanning is part of each mode of ScanStation allowing schools to capture exit records for other purposes than only leaving school early. Such as students that have permission to leave the building for lunch or students that go to Vo-tech centers.

Exit Scanning is not a mode of ScanStation, but is embedded in all applicable modes of ScanStation. Exit Scanning is not required to be used, but it helps to eliminate the unknowns and definitely helps security to know that a student is permitted to leave the building. It is generally not recommended to use Exit Scanning for mass student exiting, such as the end of the school day, because of the same amount of resources will be needed that are used for morning Attendance Scanning.

Depending on the module students will be able to exit more than once. For example a scheduled event, where students scan into the event through Event Scanning mode, then exit through Event Scanning mode, they may reenter and exit for as long as the event is scheduled. CAASS will continue to record the records of the student's coming and goings.

Exit Scanning is available for

  • Early release students
  • Students on work study
  • Students with shortened schedules
  • Students that leave campus for lunch
  • Student leaving events