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Meal Code Scanning

Meal Code Scanning allows schools to use the ScanStations at the checkout lines in the cafeteria to determine students’ meal subsidies. With designations such as free, reduced, full, and N/A, scanning will reveal to the person working the register what the students are required to pay.

With an emphasis on discretion, Meal Code Scanning can be a tool that works with your Point of Sale (POS) system or stand-alone.

Meal Code Scanning works with an ID card just like all other ScanStation modes do. If your school chooses to use an ID card, there is no need to print a meal subsidy type designation on the card since upon scanning the student's ID card the meal subsidy will appear only to the cafeteria worker.

Meal Code Scanning helps report your meal distribution and tracking for auditing purposes. You can report and account for how many of each meal subsidy type was distributed for any time period you choose to display.