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Timestamp Scanning

Time Scanning mode allows schools to setup a ScanStation at any time they wish for any type of use they want and have the student’s scan their ID card or finger and it will record the date and time they scanned in. This information can be reported on as well.

Time Scanning is very useful for assemblies, dances, pep rallies, and even sporting events. If you need to know who has entered a specific event at a specific time then Time Scanning mode will work for you. If you need to just know how many students attended an event Time Scanning mode will work for you.

Time Scanning can also be used for discipline tracking. If your school does hall sweeps you can use Time Scanning to record who was caught. If you would like to know who attended detention Time Scanning can record that information for you. That list can be recorded within CAASS.

    Hall Sweeps

    Hall sweeps can be accomplished by using the Time Scanning mode of ScanStation which allows schools to electronically record who was caught in the hallway. Minimize your hall walkers at the same time as you ease your administrative work by eliminating the manual entry of the names of the caught hall walkers.