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Timestamp Scanning

Timestamp Scanning provides the ability for schools to build a list of students by simply scanning their ID cards. Timestamp Scanning can be thought of as scheduling mini events (referred to as types) without the access-control feature that Event Scanning has.

Schools can setup named Timestamp types such as Hall Sweeps, Detention or Truant Students; then select the type of Timestamp scanning in ScanStation and just scan the student’s cards. Once the card is scanned it is recorded with a date and timestamp and the Timestamp type, such as Hall Sweep. The scan records are synchronized to the CAASS Server and accessible through a feature called Scan History in the CAASS Administration module.

Scan History provides filters and sorting to allow the user to get the exact Timestamp type that they are looking for. The user then has the ability to:

  • Create a Group
  • Assign an infraction and penalty to the whole group or individual student
  • Assign merits or demerits to the group or individual student
  • Assign fines to the group or individual student
  • Print out or save reports

Timestamp Scanning types can be configured for any type of occurrence where the need is to quickly and electronically collect student information or easily create groups.

Examples of Timestamp Scanning Types

  • Hall sweeps
  • Detention
  • Truant students
  • Sports teams or clubs